Shortly after I started my first job they sent me on a trip to Austria. This is my first real international trip, the senior trip to France doesn't really count as international travel. I arrive at the hotel around 4pm very jetlagged and proceed to crash in the hotel room, which is a mistake.

I wake up panicked to find my watch says 7. I know my ride to the Salzberg office arrives at 8. I have no idea where the main office is so I cannot miss this ride, and I also want to make a good first impression for the folks at the parent company.

I take a quick bath (there were no showers, only bath tubs) and charge downstairs to get breakfast. When I checked in they promised a breakfast buffet from 6 to 9, but when I get down there it's not setup.

In fact, no one is down there.

Eventually I find some of the staff in the back of the kitchen.

"The breakfast buffet, I thougt it was from 6 to 9?"

"Yes. It is."

Glancing behind me to adeptly show off my keen powers of observation, "But it's not setup."

"From 6 to 9 AM." And they start giggling at me, standing there, all bathed and freshly dressed ready to start my day at 8pm.

That same giggling I had to face every day for the rest of the week. Every time I left or arrived at the hotel the staff in the know pointed me out to the staff not in the know and the giggling would start all over again.