The new <canvas/> element, being standardized by the WhatWG, was just turned on in Mozilla.

We are turning canvas on -- it's already on by now. Get over it. Nothing in a relatively new spec is set in concrete, but that does not prevent useful work from being built on it. This is how the Internet protocols, and then the web, were built. Welcome back to incremental innovation. The lull of six years of monopoly-induced stagnation is over. [Brendan Eich]

Found via Stefano Mazzocchi via Sam Ruby.

Do you have any idea how big this is? It is totally huge. Not the element itself, but the fact that developers are finally getting over playing follow-the-leader to Microsoft and the W3C and getting on with the job of innovating. I'm looking forward to a new age of incremental innovation.

Posted by john on 2005-06-11