Well another OSCON has come and gone, a total blur of mind bending hallway conversations with an occasional session thrown in. This year I ran into a lot of people I haven't seen in years, and as usual met many more. While 2008 may not go down in history as the Year of the Linux Desktop, I believe in the open source world it will go down as the year of the toddler. It seemed like every other person I talked to had a small child at home and had kid pictures; the unrepentant had them on their iPhones, the rest of us stuck to old-fashioned pieces of paper.

I gave two presentations and the I've added the slides for them to my projects page, which actually puts you in a better position than the attendees of one of my talks; due to various technical hiccups the audience never saw my slides. Huge thanks to my co-presenter Zaheda Bhorat who covered with an improptu talk while we fiddled with VGA cables.

If you look at the foot traffic to all the data storage presentatations and announcements like Drizzle and CouchDB, you can certainly see that MegaData is on the march, but these are very early days; we are years away from having the "MySQL of MegaData", but not only are there people trying to build such an animal today, there is also a growing segment of the programming population that's eager to put such a beast to work.