Secure Syndication

Welcome to Secure Syndication. Secure Syndication is a Greasemonkey Script that allows you to read encrypted syndication feeds in you favorite web-based news aggregator.

Install securesyndication.user.js, the Secure Syndication Greasemonkey script.

You can test it out in your favorite web-based news aggregator by subscribing to this test feed. If SecureSyndication is working correctly then the encrypted content in the div below will be decoded and will read: "This is a blowfish encrypted message."

The following data is encrypted. Please install the SecureSyndication Greasemonkey script to view the encrypted content.


If you are interested in generating feeds that have encrypted content that can be read using Secure Syndication please read about how the encryption is done, or for a more detailed explaination of how this script works please read my article on


Thanks to the creators of Greasemonkey, Mark Pilgrim for Dive Into Greasemonkey, Mark Fletcher and his crew for Bloglines, and finally Bruce Schneier for Blowfish.

Feedback: This site and service is by no means complete. If you have suggestions on how it can be improved please contact me.