Joe Gregorio

My name is Joe Gregorio and I am the father of three boys and one girl and a husband to Lynne Gregorio. We live in sunny North Carolina where I work for Google on the Skia graphics library. I am the editor of the Atom Publishing Protocol and the coauthor of the URI Templates spec. I have a deep interest in web technologies: I wrote The RESTFul Web column for the online O’Reilly publication, wrote the first desktop aggregator written in C#, and have published various Python modules to help in putting together RESTful web services such as mimeparse, httplib2, and the google-api-python-client. I’m interested in Go, Polymer, Web Components, REST, web services, APIs, URI templates, the Atom Publishing Protocol, big data, and any linear combination of such.

The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer’s positions, strategies or opinions.


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