Atom Publishing Protocol
The latest version of the Atom Publishing Protocol plus pointers to other sources of information on the APP.
URI Templates
The latest code for [RFC 6570].
AtomPub Multipart Media Creation
This is a proposed extension to the Atom Publishing Protocol to allow the creation of both a Media and Media Link Entry in a collection in a single request.


Almost all of the projects I have started, or are involved in, are on Google's code hosting, or GitHub. Below are some select projects and the remaining bits of code I haven't put up on Google code hosting yet.

A comprehensive HTTP client library for Python.

Sparklines are small, intense, wordlike graphics. This is a web application, a web service, and source code for generating sparklines.

A mime-parsing module for Python.
A throw away Python web framework built on WSGI.
WSGICollection, a Python module to add Collection type dispatching to WSGI, is now a part of Robaccia.
Secure Syndication
A Greasemonkey script for decrypting syndicated content.
Atom Publishing Protocol Test Client
A validating GUI Client for use with APP Servers.