Letting go the reins of control

Joe Gregorio

Ken has posted some of his thoughts on releasing software:

However, when it comes to releasing something of my own creation into the wild.. I find I'm hesitant, and reluctant, and otherwise disinclined.

That is just one small quote of a much larger post that must be read in it's entirety but I have to say it does strike a cord with me. Putting Aggie up on SourceForge was fun but also caused me considerable congnitive dissonance. I know it's good to get other people looking at and modifying the source. I know that their additions and modifications were making Aggie better. On the other hand letting people have access to CVS and let them fiddle with my code was initially tough to swallow. Ownership, 100% total control, the ability to state that I wrote every line of code in the software was something I had to give up when other developers started working on Aggie. It wasn't easy giving up control but I'm glad I did it. Today I'm over that and don't have those feelings anymore, but it definitely took time for me to personally work through that transition.

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Posted by anonymous on 2004-12-01

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