Small World

Joe Gregorio

Taking up Mark's request for small world stories.

My wife Lynne and I both graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University. While as an undergraduate I was good friends with Dee Sweet who had the strange title of co-president of the Biology club. Co-president. Who the hell has co-presidents! Anyway I never met the co-president, only saw him through a door way one day when he dropped off some papers at Dee's apartment. His name, which I learned later, was Ken. That was our first non-meeting.

After graduation Ken moves to Stafford with his family. I grew up in Stafford. My whole family still lives there.

Later Ken moves to Niantic, CT. Into the Giant Neck Heights sub-division. Five houses down the street from my Father-In-Law. They waved to each other on my Father-In-Law nightly walks.

Later we move into a new house in a sub-division in Apex, NC. Two houses down the street from Ken and his family who had moved there the year before.

At this point in the story we still don't know any of this.

My Father-In-Law is visiting and has driven his van. We are all outside watching the kids play in the street. Ken and his wife are out for a walk. As they walk by my Father-In-Law's van Ken points to a small green sticker on the bumper of the car, "GNH".

"What does that stand for?", he asks jokingly, "Giant Neck Heights?"

And from there we spent an hour unraveling the trail backwards.

I also have another smaller small world story. Does that make it a micro world story? Anyway... I was hired at my last job on the same exact day as Matt. Matt turns out to be the son of one of my wife's grade school teachers.

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