Everything old is new again

Joe Gregorio

Now back from my trip to Chicago. Had some spare time this trip to take in some sights. Visited the Navy Pier for a while and enjoyed the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows. Wandering around looking at all the stained glass reminded me of much of the flash animation you see today. Bold black outlines of solid color. So who's going to be the Tiffany of Flash?

Anyway I really enjoyed being in Chicago. The convenience of a large city just can't be beat, a grocery store across the street, and a mall occupying four stories of the builing across the adjoining street. The hotel was located perfectly with the stairs leading down to the red-line right by the front door. That came in very convenient when we needed to take a late Sunday night trip to Kinkos for some final preparation for the show. Just two stops on the red-line and we were within a block walk of the Kinkos, and the total trip including the work at Kinkos was less than an hour. Back here in the suburbs of North Carolina the driving to and fro would have taken up more than an hour.

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