InfoPath (formerly XDocs)

Joe Gregorio

Jon Udell has Ten things to know about XDocs. It all looks very cool, in part because it looks like I could rewrite Pamphlet very quickly in InfoPath. Another thing that caught my eye in Jon's list was:

In an InfoPath document, formatted text is expressed as XHTML (the schema for which must be bound to the document), and all styling is accomplished by means of standard CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Really struck close to home today because I was creating a document for work and got pretty frustrated with Word. In Word my tables weren't flowing, I wanted to make interal links to other parts of the same document, and I was spending the usual amount of point and click time trying to get the font and formatting just right when I really wanted to be working on the content.

So I dropped back and created it in XHTML using emacs. Once the content was right I cut and paste my stylesheet into it as an inline stylesheet so it could be read off-line.

Once you have seperation of content and style it's hard to back to the old ways.

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