Small Bits

Joe Gregorio
  • Maybe I should spend a litte more time paying attention to local politics. I had no idea there was work afoot to get Raleigh a new convention center. After seeing convention centers in other cities including Atlanta and Chicago I can only describe the current Raleigh convention center as pathetic.
  • Wow, and I felt privileged when the print media showed up to the RTP Bloggers lunch. When Jim Lehrer shows up...
  • Fixed my CSS so that my font sizes are specified in percent and not pixels. Now I can't be accused of being a fb. Wouldn't you love be authoritative in Google's eyes for that?
  • Speaking of Google, I found out this weekend that I own the works Stigmergy and Well-Formed on Google. The real interesting part is that when searching for stigmery just a couple months ago all the hits I got were biology related papers. Ouch.
  • Looks like Westwood has closed. You have no idea how much of my life was wasted on the Command & Conquer series. At my last job, every day at lunch, for two years, we played one of their games. I have flashbacks to key battles. Flashbacks...
  • Got the comment system working on RESTLog this weekend. One last feature and a little more testing before before a release. The last feature to add is the ability to turn comments on and off for individual posts.
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