Joe Gregorio

XForms doesn't support the DELETE verb. Do you want the long version or the short version?

Long Version
I have had it confirmed that XForms does not support the DELETE verb. It does not support any verbs besides GET, PUT and POST. This comes from the specfication trying to be too general. That is, XForms was designed not to just be used on a web page and submit over HTTP but to also work on file: and mailto: URIs. To make that work the method you specify isn't "GET" but instead "get", which your XForms processor needs to map to the right HTTP verb if you are going over HTTP. The problem with that design decision, that reach for too much generality, is that in order for an XForms processor to support another verb, the processor itself had to be changed. So it looks like a fully conformant XForms processor will not be able to support RESTLog, nor will it be able to support WebDAV, which uses verbs like MKCOL, COPY, etc.
Short Version
No DELETE verb. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Many thanks to Mark Birbeck of Ltd. for answering my questions.

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