XForms and Security

Joe Gregorio

Andrew Watt has raised some questions on the security in XForms:

There are two potential sources of security concern:
1. That a malicious XForms-containing document can upload files from a user's
computer without their knowledge
2. A malicious XForms-containing document could download a virus or other
nasty to the user's computer.

However, the current CR seems to rely largely on implementers' common sense ... a dangerous commodity where security is concerned ... rather than provide a detailed consideration of the risks (perhaps only simply to dismiss them?) and solution for these potential security concerns.

Remember that XForms is supposed to be a general forms solution and as such is not tied to a browser, so the XForms Specification covers submission via http, https, smtp and native file system. That excess generality, or at least the lack of any security guidelines in the specification regarding submissions, seems to be the source of the security concerns.

Andrew also posted the same message to [xml-dev], in case you care to follow the action in both arenas.

Update: Micah Dubinko has responded to Andrew's concerns .

<h1>Please check out some helpful info about... </h1>

Posted by anonymous on 2004-12-01

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