The littlest web service

Joe Gregorio

Tim Ewald, who works at Microsoft on MSDN, is talking about public web services. How about starting with deploying the tiniest web service for MSDN?

Funny you sould mention that. I've talked about this very issue with some MSDN people a few months ago. Apparently, they went nowhere after that. At least we already know how to get what we want without having them lift a finger: BTW, Joe, if you correctly name the edit boxes in your the comments form, IE (and probably other browsers as well) will be able to auto-complete them. "Correctly" here means using the same names as everybody else.

Posted by Ziv Caspi on 2003-03-15

I *do* appear to be doing something funky with the form element names since even my trusty Mozilla isn't remembering old form values.

Posted by Joe on 2003-03-15

Lots of people inside of MSFT want MSDN to support RSS. Tim and Co. are working hard to make it happen. Let's both hold their feet to the fire :-) DB

Posted by Don Box on 2003-03-22

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