Spring is here.

Joe Gregorio
Tall picture of purple Phlox.

Spring has finally arrived, with thundershowers today.

The rain was nice because it washed away a lot of the pollen. Close-up shot of flowering Bradford pear tree.

Unless you live in the area you just can't imaging how much pollen is in the air and on the ground. Today before the storm the wind picked up and the pollen was being blown into drifts on the front porch.

After the rain, it collected in the street. Puddles of yellow goo a 1/4 inch thick.

Dear Mr. Gregorio:  My comment has nothing to do with technology, except to say how well I can see the spectacular photo of Bradford Flowering Pear you have on your Bitworking site.
I own a wildflower seed website called AmericanMeadows.com, and this spring I am planning to offer some flowering trees for homeowners to plant with their wildflowers. B. Flowering Pear is one of them. So, I go to Google, click on Images, and put in the name. Scores of photos come up...none as clear and beautiful as yours.  May I use it?  I'd be happy to pay a reasonable fee (in $$ or wildflower seed if you like!), and also give you a photo credit if you would like that.  Thanks in advance,
Ray Allen, Owner
Vermont Wildflower Farm

Posted by Ray Allen on 2004-01-26

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