Name change

Joe Gregorio

The names of my client and server implementations of RESTLog have changed, preserving the name RESTLog to only refer to the specification.

Now, if you're curious, I did not pick the name Bulu after one of the langauges of the people of Cameroon. Instead, it is a made-up word that my oldest son, now nine years old, used when he was two. Oddly enough, we have never figured out what 'bulu' meant. He had a fairly standard vocabulary for a two year old, he used "ba-ba" for his pacifier, plus "bottle", "mama", and "dada", but then there was "bulu". He would point at the dog. Bulu. At a pacifier. Bulu. Out the window. Bulu. We looked for patterns. It wasn't a specific object, color, texture, or function. As he was growing his little brain had latched onto a pattern, a pattern neither Lynne nor I could see, and had labelled it bulu.

So time passes and he gains real speach capability and starts using "bulu" less and less. By the time he is speaking well enough to answer real questions, he's forgotten what "bulu" means, or that he even used to say it. To this day we have no idea what "bulu" means. The only thing we get from Christopher now is gails of hysterical laughter when we use the word Bulu. I still wonder, what kind of pattern had his little brain seen, what concept had he picked up on, to the point where he needed a word for it. And what about his environment and subsequent learning caused him to abandon the concept and subsequently the word. I'm sure there's a Ph.D. in cognitive development in there somewhere.


Posted by anonymous on 2003-07-08

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