Back in Black

Joe Gregorio

We're back from vacation. And a fine one it was. Still digging through a mountain of e-mail and other messages.

Just have time for a quick note, that is Tim's comments on CSS reminds me of a project that I though of, but will never have time to do. The idea is to create a Python filter for CSS. You write pure, valid CSS. The Python module serves up the CSS to the browser, but not before tweaking it to accomodate the quirks of that browser. That is, look at the server-side browser information sent with the request, determine the browser being serviced, and change the CSS being served to accomodate the quirks in that particular browsers implementation of CSS. For example, changing borders and margins when serving to versions IE because it gets the box model wrong. Sure it would be a pain to write, maybe even impossible to get 100% right given the squirrely behaviour of some browsers, but imagine if it did work... wouldn't it be nice to write pure valid CSS and have it work on all browsers. Ok, maybe not all browsers. I do have a don't care attitude towards Netscape 4.

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