Rainy Monday

Joe Gregorio

We'll it's a rainy Monday, and a good day to be at work, as the siren call of sunny weather isn't distracting me. I unfortunately don't have any pictures of Mark and Dora's wedding to add to the pile, as our digital camera broke while we were on vacation in Disney. There were plenty of photos taken though, here is one of Lynne and I tearing up the dance floor. The camera was an Olympus D-460 Zoom and just stopped working, it acts as if the batteries are dead, when in fact they are fine. According to Olympus, because it's not under warranty, it will cost $150 just for the privilege of sending it to their repair department. So, we're in the market for a new digital camera, at least 2 mega-pixel, and not from Olympus. Any suggestions, pro or con, would be more than welcome.

I'm now running Firebird 0.6, and I am impressed so far. It does seem to run faster and the UI is nice. I am particularly fond of the quick-search functionality.

And finally, on the adoption front, things may be delayed as bit as China has now officially suspended foreign adoptions due to SARS. The amusing side note here is the speed at which this was reported. It turns out that for the past 3 months reporters have been daily calling adoption agencies and asking if they had cancelled adoptions due to SARS. They all said no. Oddly enough that was never reported. I guess the head-line "Thousands of adoptive parents still heading to China every month despite the SARS outbreak" wouldn't jibe with all the other headlines. Now don't get me wrong, SARS is serious and while it may be mostly contained right now, I worry about heading into the cold and flu season when diseases spread much more rapidly. What annoys me is the obvious, and all too common, bias towards sensationalism in the press.

Take a peek at Canon's A70. Sweet little setup and B&H has them for under $300. Great little camera.

Posted by sean on 2003-05-19

We bought the Nikon Coolpix 995 a year or so ago, and have been thrilled. The Coolpix 4500 has replaced it and goes for about $500. Damn nice cameras.

Posted by Eric Vitiello on 2003-05-20

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