More Anatomy of a Well Formed Entry

Joe Gregorio

The Anatomy of a Well Formed Log Entry Wiki is still chugging along, with more content being added at a very good rate.

One of things that makes people nervous with usig a wiki is that multiple people could be trying to update the same page at the same time. Wiki has a very basic method of handling that, it looks at not only the new text you have changed, but the original text you started with. If the original text you stated with doesn’t match what’s already there, you edit doesn’t go through. That is, if you go to update a page and it has been updated while you were making your changes, you get a nice little warning message and directions on how to go back and retrieve your edits and try again. I have used wiki’s for several years now and have never had this happen. You can tell Sam’s wiki is picking up a lot of pent-up community demand, for when it first went live the system just exploded with updates and in the first 12 hours of editing I had to re-enter comments three times. Pretty amazing and very heartening to see that level of interest and activity.

I had originally titled this post just “More Anatomy“, but given a recent post, I thought that might be a little too vague.

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