Atom Mailing List

Joe Gregorio

A new mailing list has been created for discussing Atom. It is being graciously hosted by IMC, the Internet Mail Consortium. Special thanks to Paul Hoffman of IMC for setting up the list. From the charter:

Welcome to the Web site for the atom-syntax mailing list. The atom-syntax mailing list is for developing a syntax for Atom (as compared to talking about its motivation). The AtomProject is an initiative to develop a common syntax for syndication, archiving and publishing. Atom will be vendor neutral, implemented by everybody, freely extensible by anybody, and cleanly and thoroughly specified. For all of our work we will release clear specifications describing it in detail, build tools to test conformance and interoperability, and get it implemented in all the popular tools.

Hopefully, with the mailing list, we can get the participation of people that have been put off by trying to keep up with the wiki.

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