AtomAPI Forward Motion

Joe Gregorio

Today was a great day for forward motion in the AtomAPI arena.

  1. Ben Trott released a Perl client implementation for the AtomAPI into CPAN. Ok, so this didn't happen today, it happened Sunday, but I only found out about it today, so it counts. Hat tip to Adriaan Tijsseling
  2. Today isolani released a server implementation of the AtomAPI in PHP. Yes, you heard correctly, in PHP. And this really did occur today.
  3. I heard on IRC today that AtomAPI support is being added to Lenya, a CMS built on Cocoon.
  4. And last but not least AtomAPI support is being added into blojsom:

    Just wanted to note some progress on the Atom API support in blojsom. My blog entry about it and Mark's blog entry about it. In short, we're moving along quite well with the current specification, Sandler, and the wxAtomClient. [David Czarnecki]

Yup, they've created a Java toolkit for creating and consuming Atom. They called it Sandler. Atom Sandler. I'm just kicking myself for not thinking of it first.

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First post to blojsom using the wxAtomClient.

Posted by David Czarnecki on 2003-09-11

(Atom) Sandler 0.2 released. Get, Post, Search, Update, and Delete should all be functional. At least Mark says they are in blojsom. Well, enjoy!

Posted by David Czarnecki on 2003-09-11

Should we call the .NET version Baldwin?

Posted by Randy Charles Morin on 2003-09-24

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