Leaving a Legacy

Joe Gregorio

"Teach me. Teach me. Teach me.", my nine year old said as he bounced in front of me.

"No", I said, "I can teach you woodworking if you want, or maybe some skateboarding tricks?"

"No. Teach me that."

"How about cooking, or computer programming?"

"No", he said resolutely, "I want you teach me how to do that."

"No, you are not to learn that from your father", Lynne yelled from the next room.

"See, your mother agrees with me, now what I else can I teach you?"

"Nothing", he said and sulked off into the living room.

"So that's it? It's 'teach me how to belch on demand' or nothing, eh?"

I am proud to say I taught my young cousins this lost art.

Posted by Derath on 2003-09-23

I taught my own nine year old the basics of belching, but not the advanced techniques such as long-belching nor machine-gun-belching.

No, grasshopper.  Some things are better discovered.

Posted by Don Park on 2003-09-25

There are a lot of things that my wife won't let me teach our kids. But she's resigned to the fact that they will one day learn how to belch at will. And if I'm not the one to teach them, it will be her brother. :)

Posted by Dougal Campbell on 2003-09-26

I taugh my brother advance belching, speed, duration etc...

Posted by Dan G on 2004-03-14

can someone explain to me how to belch? all anybody says is 'swallow air'... so i do, but still cant belch!

Posted by lokol on 2005-07-19

My husband is trying to teach me how to belch properly but I am not getting the hang of it. Any tips?

Posted by BellaDreamz on 2005-09-21

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