Pre-Halloween Snippets

Joe Gregorio

Is it me or does OpenOffice 1.1 load a lot faster when you install it without Java?

Libxml2 is a great XML library written in C that includes support for XPath, XPointer and XInclude implementations, DOM and SAX like interfaces. Version 2.6.1 is out, just 9 days after 2.6.0 was released. [via xmlhack]

It's been a while since I've posted anything on CSS. Right now for me it's at the point of just being a tool. Cool stuff is still being explored in this area such as these CSS menus on mezzoblue. As a side-note I also like the subtle permalinks for the comments.

Forms and stuff. [via ALA]

Richard Caetano is now using Simon Fell's RESTLog implementation on his server.

Does Microsoft's XAML sound eerily familiar? Check out this comprehensive article on the WaSP BUZZ about all the prior art and similar systems already being used today. I think this is a first for MS as they normally borrow their ideas from competing commerical outfits. I think this is the first time MS has borrowed so heavily from what is ostensibly an open source original.

I would have expected the little speech bubble icons to be the permalink, instead of a post-fixed arbitrary glyph :-(

Posted by Eric on 2003-10-29

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