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Joe Gregorio

How about testing and documents UI widgets?

Widgetopia: Collection of Widgets and UI elements from various websites, with notation of their sterling or plate metal qualities [via mamamusings]

On the level of a personal test, Joi Ito has decided to quit drinking:

I've been trying to "cut back" on my drinking, but it doesn't work. I got drunk last night and I regret it. So, I've quit drinking. If you're my friend please be supportive and don't offer me alcohol please.

Thank you.

Way to go Joi!

Tim Bray has some commentary from the recent XML Conference on Norm Walsh who is testing the limits of the number of namespaces you can use in a single document without causing brain damage:

I have a picture that made the audience at the session gasp in disbelief.

He's also updated the graphics on his site. Am I wrong or is there now a series of rotating header backgrounds? If I noticed, did I pass a test?

Here's a self-grading test. How many people knew there was an RFC 2822 header List-Unsubscribe: that contains the unsubscribe email address of the mailing list? So far I've been happy to find it in every single list I am subscribed to, which as you may have guessed, is dwindling.

And finally this from Ben Trott on the mis-perception that he is solely responsible for the development of Movable Type.

The thing is, I think one of the reasons that Movable Type is so popular is because the product combines element from both Mena and me. And I don't know if it's a female-male combination or if it's just the combination of our personalities, and frankly it really doesn't matter. But of the articles that do focus on us, I'm still waiting for the article that goes beyond "they're so cute" or "Ben created Movable Type", and tries to get at something core to software development: what factors contribute to creating a great product? [Ben Trott]

I remember my father-in-law telling me that one of old tests for marriage was sending the young couple out into the woods with a two person saw to cut down the tree. If they could do it, they were allowed to marry. I'm pretty sure Ben and Mena would have passed.

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