This is how the year begins

Joe Gregorio

This is how the year begins.

At 4 am.

On the first day of the year.

Lynne and I kiss our three boys good-bye.

The first day starts at 4 am and is twenty-five hours long. Twenty-five hours of waiting for planes, riding on planes, and waiting for the next plane.

Waiting to get to China.

This is not just Lynne and I.

This is a team.

This is a team effort.




The staff at our adoption agency.

The staff at the orphanage.

This is how the red thread works.

It weaves it's way around the planet. Through a hundred people. It ties them together in a story. A story that begins and ends with me holding my daughter.

Caden Li in the arms of an auntie
I hope your New Year is truly a joyous one. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to have a daughter. You will find out.

Posted by David on 2003-12-26

The long trip and the waiting will be well worth it :)  Only a few days left!!

Posted by Eric Vitiello on 2003-12-27

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