China - Day 13

Joe Gregorio

Tomorrow is our last day in China. In less than 24 hours we board a plane for home. I've enjoyed the trip but I am looking forward to going home. I miss the boys tremendously and can't wait for them to meet their sister.

Tomorrow we will also part company with the eight other families we have travelled with, and shared virii with, over the last two weeks.

9 families in front of an indoor waterfall at the White Swan Hotel

Here is a shot of the south shore of the Pearl River at night. This is a street level view of the same scene we have from our hotel room window.

Neon encrusted shoreline at night.

Today was lot's of little things for finishing up the paperwork. First we had to hang around the rooms from 9:30 to 11 just in case there were problems with our paperwork, then from at 3:30 we went over to the US embassy for the last bit of work for Caden's visa. This is the great part, after completing all these reams of paperwork, all notarized and signed and sealed twelve different ways, we still have to stand in front of a government representative and swear that we told the truth on all of it. The nice part is that the embassy representative was fully aware of the irony of it all and was in good humor about it, joking at the end by congratulating us on completing the most bureaucratic process on the face of the planet.

After that was some haggling with an art vendor, a group trip to a Dim-Sum restaurant and then back to the hotel to work on some packing.

Hi Joe,

Nice to read your story about China.  I'm going to show it to my wife - she keeps saying she wants to adopt a Chinese baby.

Good luck with your new daughter and say 'hi' to Lynne.


Posted by Adam Meikle on 2004-01-14

Glad you enjoyed your trip to China.  I was there recently myself.  The people are great!

Posted by anonymous on 2004-01-16

Joe, that photo of your travel group at the White Swan brings back lots of memories. Congrats on your new daughter.

Posted by Jeff on 2004-01-20

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