XForms 1.1 Requirements

Joe Gregorio

I have previously complained about XForms only supporting 3 HTTP verbs. When I complained close to a year ago (and 8 months before XForms 1.0 became a recommendation) I was assured in private email that this would be fixed in the next revision. Lo and behold the XForms 1.1 Requirements are out with nary a mention of fixing this problem. Of course, they plan on spending all their time adding support for SOAP to XForms. Let's hope this effort gets the attention it so richly deserves.

hi--through google, i arrived at an archival post of yours about the etymology of kibosh, according to steve, but couldn't actually find out the etymology. i keep coming across "origin unknown" for this word, but have a fairly distinct memory of reading an etymology years ago. sorry to intrude on your blog and your time, but if there's any validity to steve's etymology, could you pass it on? thank you for your time. annie

Posted by anonymous on 2004-02-01

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