No, I invented Sideload!

Joe Gregorio

Don't tell Trevor, but this a feature of a cranky old part of the internet called FTP. Now obviously BitTorrent has it's advantages, just funny to see old ideas become new again.

Sideloading has nothing to do with which transfer protocol you're using.  It's just a user interface hack for online gathering/storage services which allows them to take net load off of their users' connections and provide a handy service from their browser UI.

The scenarios in my post mentioned HTTP and bittorrent, but part of the magic of passing URLs is that they include a scheme portion, so if it's FTP you're stuck on, it's FTP for you.

As far as recycling ideas go, I posted because sideloading is an old idea that I was surprised people didn't know about.

Posted by Trevor on 2004-03-29

what is sideload??

Posted by adb on 2005-09-23

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