Apache Cookbook

Joe Gregorio

One of the books that hasn't left my desk in the last month has been Apache Cookbook. Betweeen setting up web services at work, tweaking with the tools that support this site, plus the implementations I have been experimenting with in Atom, it has been in constant sight. The nice part about Apache Cookbook, like all of the books in the O'Reilly Cookbook series, is that the content is task oriented.

Apache Cookbook

The content ranges over a wide set of topics and covers basic as well as more advanced topics. For example, there are recipes for "Installing Apache on Windows", "Tuning Thread Creation", and "Preventing Your Proxy Server from Being Used as an Open Mail Relay."

One aspect I appreciate with Apache Cookbook is the candor. For example, the Solution in Chapter 6.2 "Setting Up Single-Use Passwords" is "No solution is avialable with standard Apache features". I appreciate the inclusion of a recipe that has no solution, it provides useful information for what obviously is a frequently asked question.

I am apparently not the only one that likes it as it is apparently approaching a second printing.

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