Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.01 getting a big thumbs down

Joe Gregorio

61% of the votes are thumbs down for Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.01.

I can't see how they could make Acrobat that bad. It takes about a minute or even longer to load a pdf from a website. I have to download the pdf instead before I can see it with acrobat reader. They have to do something about it.

Posted by pete on 2004-09-01

Every time I start Acrobat Reader the windows installer starts up. I have to keep cancelling the windows installer dialog box until it finally goes away before AR starts.

I usually click cancel on the windows installer dialog box upwards of 12 times before it goes away.

Any suggestions of how to fix this would be appreciated.

If this can't be fixed, then AR 6.01 sucks big time.

Posted by JDH on 2004-09-10

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