Google for the Desktop

Joe Gregorio

What you really want is Google for the desktop. [Me talking about the viability of WinFS last November]

Today we learn that Google for the desktop may become a reality.

Oh, that sounds so cool. What I'd really like is a search bar that I could setup so it knew who I was. That is, I want to be able to setup the search bar so that if I do a search it considers files on the local file system and all the content at all to be local/personal information. This in particular would help if I could also get it to index intranet info, but that might start biting into the Google Search Appliance sales A guy can dream can't he?

Please we need a desktop searchbar from google search desperatly they are the best search engine that has ever entered the world of the Web 

greg :-)

Posted by Greg Rogers on 2004-07-21

Posted by nader on 2004-12-22

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