Innovation in AtomAPI implementations

Joe Gregorio

Here is another AtomAPI implementation and this one has some interesting extensions. There are additions for creating new users and creating new groups. Particularly interesting to me is the use of the HTTP OPTIONS method supported on the Post, Edit and Feed URIs.

SixApart has their own extension in their implementation. Their extensions include an UploadURI for uploading any file, and a CategoryURI used to query the list of allowed categories an entry can be classified under.

It's heartening to see the innovation in these implementations. Keep it coming.

I'm still trying to get my arms around the search function ... but it's good to see categories. I could use it for one of my other projects.

Posted by Mean Dean on 2004-05-07

The innovation is to be welcomed, for sure. But the way they have done it is something of a workaround - OPTIONS is used to signal what can be recieved at the endpoint, the title attribute of link is used to pass on semantics of the rel type.

Might this not be the smell of a fixed list of link rel values not being flexible enough?
The use of namespace-qualified terms in the rel value would be a way of making it more flexible, although there are undoubtedly alternatives.

The use of OPTIONS is sweet, but I'm now sure how portable that approach might be to other implementations - the users/groups scenario is likely to be very common, which suggests a common way of implementing it may be desirable.

Posted by Danny on 2004-05-08

delete "recieved" put "received"

Posted by Danny on 2004-05-08

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