The Pascal String Challenge

Joe Gregorio

The AtomAPI is an emerging interface for editing content. The interface is RESTful and uses XML and HTTP to define an editing scheme that's easy to implement and extend. History, basic operation, and applications to areas outside weblogs will be covered.

The quote above is my Brief Session Description for my speaking proposal I just submitted for XML Conference & Exposition 2004. It's not very interesting on its own except that it is exactly 255 characters long. That was the limit for the Brief Session Description and I'm proud to say I nailed it precisely. I even had a bit of trouble submitting it because the first time I missed a trailing space on the description which made it 256 characters long. They're not kidding around here. When I mentioned this to Mark in IRC he responded that it would fit perfectly in a Pascal string.

Which of course leads to The Pascal String Challenge. Write a blog entry that is exactly 255 characters and link back to this post. Markup characters do not count. Titles and permalinks do not count.

Update: You can follow along on Technorati to see how many people have linked back to this post.

Well, it's not haiku, but it's there:

Posted by Alan Green on 2004-05-03

Haiku and 255 characters:

Posted by Matt Quail on 2004-05-03

Self-referential without the elegance of the haiku.

Posted by John Cooper on 2004-05-04

Here is mine

Posted by victor on 2004-05-05

I did one.

Posted by Larry O'Brien on 2004-05-05


Posted by anonymous on 2005-09-20

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