The real value of XML is wellformedness

Joe Gregorio

Almost two years ago I switched away from Radio to my own home grown tools for blogging. Because the Radio site was statically generated I didn't bother moving all my old content into the new system, instead I just exported the site data as an XML file in case I needed it at a later date. That file has lain dormant all this time. Now I am slowly preparing to move all my content over to pyblosxom and started to work with that large exported blob of data.


When I tried to load it into an XML parser it failed to load. As it turns out the file was riddled with character set encoding problems, in particular quote marks. After much hand tweaking I finally have it in shape where a real XML parser can open in up. Now I can get on with the job of importing the data into pyblosxom. It isn't supposed to be this hard.

The real value of XML is interop and the currency of that interop is syntax as expressed in the term "well-formed".

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