The network is the computer

Joe Gregorio

Want proof? Without even thinking about it I just ssh'd into my linux host just to run 'cal'.

Dude, you shouldn't have left emacs...

M-x calendar


M-x sunrise-sunset
Fri, Jul 2, 2004
Sunrise 6:03am (Eastern Daylight Time), sunset 8:29pm (Eastern Daylight Time) at 35N, 78W (14:25 hours daylight)

You dont get that w/ VisStudio

Posted by Damon C on 2004-07-02

Better proof would have been if you hadn't.

Posted by Arien on 2004-07-05

Interesting bit of synchronicity. I found myself doing the same thing yesterday :)

Posted by Dan Ced on 2004-08-23

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