Joe Gregorio

I don't know how so many seasons went by without me noticing Smallville. Maybe it was the rather obtuse name, or maybe it was the breathless ads that made it sound like just another teen-angst melodrama, but I never clued in that it was about Clark Kent (Superman) during his teen years. The shooting is dark, Clark doesn't have all of his powers yet, and weird stuff happens in the town. The two epsisodes I've seen are good and I'm looking forward to "catching up" on this show.

You've definitely missed out on one of the best shows on TV! Unlike most shows which take a few seasons to find their footing, it was great out of the gate.

Fortunately, you can catch up most of the way on DVD...

Posted by Brad Wilson on 2004-08-13

This is a joke right?

Posted by Hemebond on 2004-08-13

Yeah -- Smallville's a fun show... I've watched it since nearly the beginning and even as a non-comic geek I've really dug it.

Posted by Ryan on 2004-08-16

who are u

Posted by anonymous on 2004-10-22

i love smallvile iv'e only watched like 5 episodes of the beggining and i love it the new episodes are tight to!

Posted by anonymous on 2004-11-02

Smallville is a great series. I have all the episodes from season 1 through to the 10th episode in season 4. If u've been watching from the begining it's really cool coz back then u were always wondering what new powers would clark gain with each episode. and then there is the flying. still clark does not have that ability. i guess when he is able to that will be the end of smallville and the begining of Super Man as everyone knows him!

Posted by Dan on 2004-12-20

is smallville over i need to know please like is it over all the way are they going  to start season 6 or was this actually the end someone please email and tell me asap

Posted by fahu on 2005-09-30

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