Super Target

Joe Gregorio

They just opened a new Super-Target less than two miles from my house. This is vastly more convenient than the old Not-So-Super-Target that's twenty minutes away. Now a Super-Target is just like a normal Target, but with the addition of a grocery store. I always thought the "Super" combo stores like Super Wal-Mart and Super-Target were a bit odd. What are the chances I want to buy groceries and say, a DVD player?

So I went to our brand new Super-Target with a short food list in hand, to try it out. You know, to compare prices to our regular grocery store. Just groceries.

I walked out of the store with my groceries.

And three t-shirts.

And a long-john top.

And five pairs of underwear.

And a spatula.

It felt weird to be in the check out line with all that stuff in the same cart. But what do I know? I have 3 new t-shirts, and they have my money. They must know what they're doing.

So basically it's a super-market. ;)

Posted by Wesley Mason on 2004-10-17

That's nothing.  I went to SuperTarget to buy groceries and came out with $273 worth of stuff, including a garage shelving unit, three bags of Halloween candy, a doormat, and a printer.  And I went back later that night and bought a DVD player!  I am not in any way making this up.

Posted by Mark on 2004-10-17

where are theese super targets located

Posted by jack horner on 2004-12-13

Remember Gemco stores? It is the same concept, everything that is old is new again.

Posted by Gina B on 2004-12-23

Our ST just opend about 2 months ago and I practically live there!  I'm there almost every day for something.  The prices are pretty low..I've also found that the Target brand (generic) tastes better than the other _-Mart generic brands so I save even more!!!

Posted by Amy on 2005-06-08

I am a Team Member of Target. I work at a Target Greatland in Missouri. Greatlands are big but they dont have groceries, anyway the first time i stepped into a SuperTarget i fell in love with it. Target is the best palce to shop and work. You can do all of your one stop shopping without spending an arm and a leg. Since i started working at Target over a year ago, i never once stepped a foot into Wal-Mart. There stores are so gross and they do not know how to treat there customers. Target really know how to treat there team members and GUESTS. Thats right i said guest, we want our customers to feel like at home when they are shopping so we call you guys our GUESTS. Now doesent that sound a whole better then customer. TARGET RULES!!!

Posted by Josh on 2005-07-27

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