Slow Holiday Snippets

Joe Gregorio

Things are rather slow these days, or at least I'm feeling particularly lazy. Either way, here's a bunch of little things I've found interesting over the past week or so:

DUH, or Dilbert's Ultimate House, via Ole

Safes and Safe-Cracking via Bruce Schneier.

Google Scholar is now in Beta. To test it out I remembered Tim Bray, in his series on search, had mentioned that Gerald Salton had written most of the basic reference works on text search. So I gave Scholar a spin with Gerald Salton.

I am planning on doing some performance tests on caching in HTTP and was thinking of ways I could accomplish that. I really wanted a separate machine for the cache, yet didn't want to tinker with the Debian backup server for obvious reasons. It looks like I can setup Apache mod_cache and mod_proxy on a machine on my network at home, then it will be easy to configure my Python test scripts to use that proxy server. Since Apache runs under Windows I can just put my proxy server on one of the kids computers.

Good introductory article on the Economist about Green Architecture. It's also nice that they provide links for further reading outside their own domain. I still occasionally run into online newspapers that provide no links to anything outside themselves.

Lately, for inspiration, I've been browsing the Linux source code.

Analog Devices has released a development board targeting uClinux on the Blackfin.

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