The Apple iPod shuffle

Joe Gregorio

Apple's marketing is breathtaking. They start with a perfectly good MP3 player, rip out the display so you have no idea which song is playing, lock the thing into permanent shuffle mode and call it a feature. Actually, they go even further and make it the primary selling point, naming it 'shuffle' and topping it off with the tag-line 'Enjoy uncertainty.' You just have to admire their skill.

Just imagine what they could do for U.S. foreign policy: 'Enjoy unilateralism.'

Update: Several diligent readers have pointed out that the iPod shuffle is not locked into shuffle mode and can play songs in the playlist order if you so desire. This is no way detracts from their marketing genius.

think of the shuffle this way:

it's a sony walkman the size of a pack of gum with space for 150 songs. It never skips or jams. The music will play in order, or at random for 7.5 hours without a repeat.

Do you think there is a market for that?

Posted by willc2 on 2005-03-09

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