Chrysler 300

Joe Gregorio
Chrysler 300

The first time I saw the new Chrylser 300 I hated it.

The next time I saw it I was intrigued.

The third time I saw it the Dick-Tracy-Muscle-Car-Terra-Plane shape had firmly wrapped it's tentacles around my lizard brain.

I don't own one.


I use a car service for some of my business trips (travel to the airport).  The service I like best uses the 300 and it is a spectacular car for this purpose. 

From the perspective of a rider in the back seat, the car if very comfortably and spacious.  It also has enough cup holders and arm rest space to be quite functional as an en-route office.

I haven't driven the car, but the drivers have all commented that they like the car very much, and since they're driving for 6+ hours a day I think their opinion is quite valuable.

Posted by Lou on 2005-06-21

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