Kid, a Pythonic, XML-based templating system

Joe Gregorio

I have got way too many projects going on at any one time, but one of the things that has always bothered me in Python is the lack of a good templating system and I've always wanted to write my own. I've used Cheetah but it's just a text templating facility and knows nothing of XML so producing well-formed XML with it is tricky. On the other hand TAL looks good but sits on top of a very large framework. If I were to design my own perfect templating system for Python it would be XML based, with syntax like TAL, and a structure like PHP that allows putting pure Python on processing instructions. It would also be just a library and not part of a framework.

One of the nice things about the Python community is that if you procrastinate long enough someone else will come along and write the code you want; which is exactly what Ryan Tomayko did with his newly released library Kid, a Pythonic, XML-based templating system.

TAL/ZPT is actually very independent of Zope, and has been distributed independently from nearly its beginning.

Posted by Ian Bicking on 2005-09-20

Two pointers to TAL/ZPT implementations separate from the Zope framework:

SimpleTAL -

OpenTAL -

I've used both of these with some satisfaction in my personal projects, but I'm hoping to get into Kid at some point.

Posted by l.m.orchard on 2005-09-23

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