Joe Gregorio

The latest draft of the Atom Publishing Protocol is now available: draft-ietf-atompub-protocol-05. This is the first draft with my new co-editor Bill de HÓra and I'd like to publicly thank him for his work on this draft and for volunteering for the thankless job of working with me going forward.

Huge congrats. I didn't realize you two were working so heavily on the publishing side.

Is it just me or is the publishing protocol not getting nearly as much attention as the format? I guess it makes sense that it would be less since many more people are involved in consuming feeds than are publishing but still...

At any rate, I'll definitely have to give this a thorough read. What's the activity like on the mailing list? Is it atom formatish? I really couldn't keep up with that amount of traffic but I'd like to watch you guys if its not overly crazy...

Posted by Ryan Tomayko on 2005-10-13

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