Atom Publishing Protocol Test Suite

Joe Gregorio

The Atom Publishing Protocol Test Suite has been added to the subversion repository of the Feed Validator. This is a Python script that, when passed in the URI of an Introspection document, will test each entry collection for conformance to the APP. To run it you will need Python 2.3 or greater.

To get the source:

$ svn co\ apptestsuite

To run:

$ cd apptestsuite/client
$ python

Atom Client Tests

Testing the service at
Running:  . . . . . . . .
== Errors ==
 No problems found.
== Warnings ==
 No problems found.
== Suggestions ==
 No problems found.

Authentication credentials can be passed in via the command line interface:

python --name=myname --password=mypassword

The test suite incorporates the feedvalidator to test all responses for conformance to the Atom Syndication Format. It also uses the httplib2 client library, which means that the test suite supports Basic, Digest and WSSE over HTTP and HTTPS. Through the magic of subversion's svn:externals property, local copies of both of these libraries will be automatically pulled down when you check out apptestsuite.

Discussion should take place on the feedvalidator-users mailing list.

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