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Joe Gregorio

Update (July 8): A huge thank you to everyone that has emailed, phoned, or linked to me over the past several weeks. Your offers of warm wishes, contracts, referrals, advice, and employment are greatly appreciated. I was contacted by really great people at a huge number of companies that are doing a whole range of cool things and that made it all the harder to decide when to stop the search and accept an offer. But that's what I've done and I am very excited to tell you that yesterday I accepted a position at IBM. My first day is the 25th, which gives me two weeks to really relax and catch up on those projects around the house. More details about the group I'm in and the project I'm working on will have to wait until after I start and find out what I'm allowed to talk about.

As of 10 O'Clock this morning I am no longer employed; being laid off tends to do that to you. The good news is that I can catch up on all those projects around the house, my backlog of XML.com articles, my editing of the next draft of the Atom Publishing Protocol, etc. I can even start blogging about the industry I was working in and the company I was working for, but only after I fulfill the requirements of my severance package.

As positive as that all sounds I do have a mortgage and a family, and they like to eat, so I need to find gainful employment.

Please hire me.

If you are unable to hire me please do me a favor and link to this entry.

Thank you.

My resume in PDF format. An HTML version will appear shortly. Huge thanks to Joe Clark for converting my resume to a Valid HTML 4.01 Strict version and for updating the PDF to be more accessible.

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