Back from LA

Joe Gregorio

Just got back from a two week vacation, so if you tried to reach me please be patient while I dig out from under the backlog. The entire trip went very smoothly and was very relaxing, which was surprising since Austin severly twisted his ankle just days before we left and spent most of the trip in a wheelchair.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Yes, that's me at the top of that rock wall. The trail I'd just completed was described as "easy". On my second run I did the green trail to the right, which they called "medium". I presume "hard" requires you to gnaw your own handholds with your teeth.

The rock wall was on the back of the cruise ship and the horseback riding was in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. All the beach shots are Venice Beach, CA. All the walking, climbing, and riding must have balanced out the non-stop food on the cruise as I lost five pounds over the past two weeks.

The photo album was generated with gThumb, which is more powerful than the modest impression it initially gives.

Before leaving I picked up a copy of Anansi Boys. I didn't get much time to read it on the plane on the way out - a cross country flight with my wife and four children ages three to twelve - who knew? - but that night, as I was sitting up in the bathroom reading while the rest of the family slept, when I hit the half-way point in the book, I realized that I would now have to buy every book Neil Gaiman has ever written.

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