Joe Gregorio

The last little bit I needed to add to bring 1812 up to par with the old blogging code base was archives. The inspiration for this design came from Ole.

Isn't reading every file in the Collection for your blog entries a little slow?

Posted by Neil Dunn on 2007-01-21


Completely non-scientific timings on my part puts it at less than 500ms, which is completely acceptable for a page that won't be accessed very often. I may end up doing some more accurate timings when I dig into performance in general.

Posted by joe on 2007-01-21

I like it :) P.S. to Neil - I did a slight optimization in that I save the page when it is generated, and check to see if the saved page is never than my home page. So after a new post, only the first hit costs the time of regeneration, after that it is just a copy.

Posted by Ole Eichhorn on 2007-01-21

Joe: Fair enough, half a second doesn't sound like the end of the world.

Ole: That sounds about right. I bake (build once) my entire site but that's the next best thing for a dynamic site. If you're doing it properly you have to check whether any of your templates have changed recently too.

Posted by Neil Dunn on 2007-01-22

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