Lynne (finally) has a blog

Joe Gregorio

My lovely wife Lynne finally has a blog. After hearing "you should blog about [blank]" for the Nth time I gently mentioned that if she had her own blog, she wouldn't have to wait for me to write about [blank]. So now she's up and running on Blogger and has a bunch of posts up already, including reviews of Spoofee, Slingbox, Nintendo Wii , and ViaTalk.

What she fails to mention in the Slingbox review is that it requires an ethernet connection. Luckily I started wiring the whole house for ethernet while I was laid off, and while I haven't finished, I did have the tools and materials on hand to install a new drop by the TV in about 45 minutes.

And yes, I really did withhold a link to her blog until she updated her post to disclose that the ViaTalk link is part of an referral program. What is the world coming to when traffic is a commodity in your house? I expect her writing to appeal to a much larger audience and that the tables will be turned shortly.

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