New Blogging Software

Joe Gregorio

I have been thinking about rewriting my blogging software for years now. I've even rewritten the underlying data store. More than once. Literally, written two fully working implementations before this one and threw them both away. Looks like the third time's a charm.

Some features include:

  1. Converts all incoming summary and content into well-formed XHTML. Most of that was accomplised by borrowing code from Venus.
  2. That allows me to generate an Atom feed that has summary and content elements of type="xhtml".
  3. Also handles incoming unicode correctly and converts named and numeric entites into their associated unicode code points. Ala ± gets turned into ±, and ☄ gets turned into ☄.

Still to work on is the APP implementation (client and server), handling of drafts, and comments. Yes, comments will be returning to BitWorking, but not too soon, and they will probably be tied to OpenID, so get your account now.

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