Common ground

Joe Gregorio

Michael Champion:

I have to take issue with your point (quoting Joe Gregorio) to the effect that an enterprise developer with 300,000 users has reached the pinnacle of the profession while a Web developer with 300K users is ready to move out of the family garage. First, those 300K Web users probably are probably doing mostly read operations on public information. That wouldn’t be much of a challenge for even a novice enterprise developer either. ... those updates have to succeed for fail completely, none of this “go back and check the result URI to see if the transaction went through” stuff; ... those “legacy systems chugging along” work a whole lot better than HTTP for end to end secure, reliable messages, and the IT managers of the world have no interest in moving to the “modern” world of HTTP’s quality of service. There are only a handful of Web companies who have managed to do all this stuff (Amazon, eBay, etc.) that work has required hundreds of millions of dollars to hire extremely bright people who still required several iterations of their architectures to get to the current quality of service levels

That said, I agree with the thrust of your comments that the “dispute” is overblown, this is really a continuum of concerns and technologies, we need to be looking for common ground, etc.

You first.

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