Critters Day 5

Joe Gregorio

The Critter Generator has been online for only five days and it's already been ported to PHP and incorporated into a product. w00t!

I hadn't time to do this, but one thing that seems pretty obvious to me was that the critters can be whipped up entirely in DHTML. Consider this article on css sprites. Assume you've got a set of pngs with 8 variations of a feature in each png. With the sprite technique, you could easily layer the images and 'shift' them to show any one variant. To preserve state, you could append something like a ?critter=01356 to the end of your URI, and have JS parse the query string. each position in the number represents a feature, and the digit is the variant.

Maybe I'll have time to put it together, but if not, anyone's welcome to this approach...

Posted by roberthahn on 2007-02-28

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